Unit 3: Internships

Summer Research Experiences
Other Funding/Experience Opportunities

Finding experience in the sciences is essential for progressing in the profession. The shape and scope of this unit will be dictated by you and will require a little leg work of your own to find the right program to best fit your academic and professional needs.

Task 1: Assessment and Profile of the Internship Program, REU, or
Length: 150-250 words
Submission format: upload to website as “post”

How to create a profile for the formal/informal internship:

  • Institution name and mission
  • Time commitment (dates, hours spent per week) or Program Schedule
    • Start Date/End Date
    • Hours per week
  • Daily work or other Internship/Shadowing Activities
  • Academic requirements and credentials
  • Other Application Requirements
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Personal Essay
    • Cover Letters
    • Entrance Essays or other Application Questions
  • What will you do on the job?
  • Presentation at the end? Post-Internship presentations?
  • Program evaluation
    • strength
    • weaknesses
  • Money $$$ (Mo money Mo problems)
    • Room/Board
    • Stipend
    • Paid/unpaid work
    • Cost/Fees

Task 2a: Curriculum Vita (Resume)
Length: as long as it is
Manuscript preparation: Format flexible but word or PDF is preferred
Submission format: upload to website (added to picture and bio)

Task 2b: Letter of Support Request (recommendation request)
Length: 200-300 words
Manuscript Preparation: EMAIL (FORMAL REQUEST)
Submission Format: Emailed to Instructor

Final Project: Final Project has TWO PARTS
1. Internship/REU Application and/or Letter of Interest (formal or informal)
2. CV
Length: 650-950 words (1-2 pages)
Manuscript preparation: APA format, PDF
Submission format: EMAILED TO INSTRUCTOR