Unit 2: Podcasting Science

Working in groups (limit 2-4 people), create a podcast dedicated the person or cause or compelling science quandary of your group’s choosing.  This podcast should include at least 3 episodes of 12-15 minutes each for groups of 2-3, for groups of 4-5, episodes must be 18-25 minutes.  These episodes should be aurally engaging, with seamless editinggood audio, and easy to listen to.  The goal of the podcast is to be informative and engaging by presenting a coherent narrative about the person, cause, inquiry, cause, break-through in science that you are bringing to listeners ears. Additionally, you will need to create a website to house the podcast episodes with additional visuals, links to other media content and resources you reference or provide your listeners for deeper contemplation of the podcast’s topic.

Task 1: Project Prospectus
Length: 500 words + citations (no annotations necessary)
Format Word doc.
Submission: emailed to instructor (sarahboyd@unc.edu)

Assignment Parameters:

  1. Clear statement of podcast purpose–overview.
  2. Significance of science or topic or science of topic
  3. Aesthetic of podcast
  4. Audience–statement of listeners
  5. Outline of podcast structure

Task 2: Mini-“Moment of Science”-style podcast: PREVIEW/ADVERTISEMENT or TRAILER
Length: ~2-5 minutes
Format: MP3
Submission: posted to website

Final Project: Full Length Podcast + Website in the style of RadioLab, 99% Invisible, Professor Blastoff, 2 Docs Talk,
Length: 35-60 minutes (3 episodes 12-15 minutes long)
Format: Mp3 (uploaded to soundcloud) + website (web.unc.edu space or other platform)
Submission: Final websites should be emailed to instructor